Spec Work • My Roles: Art Director, Copywriter
Lindsay Saiia, Copy • Sarah DeFlaminio, Strategy


JUST Water can weave into popular culture authentically in ways no other water brand can.

Can a new single save a city?

Glens Falls needs help getting on the map. By leveraging TikTok in a new way, JUST Water can put millions of eyes—and ears—on the little city.

Tease half the single
on TikTok

Share the beat as
an audio

kon TikTok

Let TikTok choose
the best verse

And bring the music to Glens Falls

[dramatic montage]

The full single will premiere in front of a live audience in Glens Falls, NY, with proceeds of the single and the concert going back to the community.

General JUST Water Ads

Music can attract Gen Z to JUST Water in a way no other brand can: with authentic clout. The goal? Sustainability that can rebuild a mill town.
My Role: Art Direction
Lindsay Saiia, Copy • Sarah DeFlaminio, Strategy