Color of Change
Music can attract Gen Z to JUST Water in a way no other brand can: with authentic clout. The goal? Sustainability that can rebuild a mill town.
My Role: Art Direction
Lindsay Saiia, Copy • Sarah DeFlaminio, Strategy
Indoor Recess Session 1 • My Role: Art Direction
Creative Team: Kalana White, AD • Lauren Kennedy, Design • Eli Joseph, Copy • Danah Fakhreddine, Copy


For new students at PWIs across the country, accepted should mean accepted.

To prevent hate crimes on campuses, college administrators need to be held accountable for the culture they cultivate. So we're ranking colleges on how diverse they really are, providing an alternative to traditional rankings based on diversity of curriculum, experience, and the student body.


Pressure college administrators to accept the reality of campus life by amplifying the voices of the victims of hate crimes.